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Protective glass jars

When they arrive in your cup, we want our teas to look, smell, and taste the way they did the day they were blended and packaged. That's why we package them like no one else. Our beautiful glass jars filter out harmful UV light, moisture, and oxygen, preserving the freshness and integrity of the delicate ingredients.

You'll see and smell the incredible difference as soon as you open the jar.


pyramid bags

Our transparent, large full-leaf tea bags are made from non GMO corn-starch and have 3 important benefits:

Convenience: Enjoy the superior taste and maximum health benefits of full-leaf tea with the convenience of a bag. Our large, transparent bags are pre-portioned for an ideal brew and there are no soggy, loose leaves to clean up when you’re done.
No leeching: Our bags are 100% natural and do not leech. This means you get a pure infusion, tasting and smelling the ingredients in the sachets, not the sachets themselves. There is no bleached paper, glue, staples, or strings to taint your brew.
Biodegradable: You may have already seen bags like ours. Actually, a lot of bags on the market look like ours, but many are made from nylon (a petroleum based product). You wouldn’t know the difference just looking at them, but the environment sure does. Plus, do you really want to steep a petroleum-based product in boiling water and then drink it?