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Paromi Tea delivers a pure, aromatic, and inspirational tea experience.

Our wholesale tea clients include hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants, specialty grocery stores, boutiques, and coffee shops/cafes/bakeries.

We have a variety of teas as well as packaging and presentation options and are happy to work with you to customize a tea program that meets your needs.

To find out more about setting up a wholesale tea account, please contact us at 877-787-6648. Or, click here to contact us about becoming a wholesaler.

Paromi Tea is the ideal choice for your tea service.

Whole Leaf Tea: We use only the finest, carefully selected ingredients. Our full-leaf teas are superior in taste and quality to the cut tea leaves or tea dust found in most tea bags.
Expert Blending: Skill in combining ingredients defines great tasting tea blends. Paromi Tea's team of herbalists and master tea blenders carefully hand-craft our teas in small batches, creating rich, aromatic delights that are a true sensory pleasure.


Sachet Collection

Paromi Tea's sachet collection is a marriage of the luxury of full-leaf teas with the convenience of traditional tea bags. Our translucent, pyramid shaped tea sachets provide space for our full-leaf teas to unfurl and expand in an elegant dance, revealing their complex flavors. Easy-to-use and with no prep-work or messy clean up, the stylish sachets are pre-portioned to deliver a perfect 10-12 oz brew.

Loose Leaf Tea

We offer a wide selection of loose leaf teas. Our range includes single origin teas, scented teas, and tea blends, some traditional and others unique to Paromi Tea.

Our extensive collection of loose leaf teas is available in 2 lb portions and comes packaged in triple-ply, foil bags. Each bag has a re-sealable closure that promotes a nine-month shelf life.

Iced Tea

Elevate your iced tea service with easy to prepare, delicious iced tea options. Any of our teas can be served chilled, so your options are abundant. We have also created several iced-tea specific blends that have proven particularly popular with our customers.

Dynamic Presentation

Great presentation creates buzz and makes a lasting impact on your customers. Paromi Tea offers several creative display and serving options that will excite the senses, spur trial, and generate a positive impression for your business. Contact us to find out more and select a display/presentation/serving system that works best for you.