Rwanda Op1

This single origin organic black tea is an easy, all-occasion steep that’s full-bodied but light and silky smooth. It’s got tasting notes of freshly baked bread and caramel that intensify when mixed with milk and honey or lemon and honey. A refreshing complement to breakfast, brunch or any other time of the day.

Origin story: Our Rwandan black tea comes from Sorwathe (est. 1978), a farm nestled in a remote area of the Rwandan countryside known as Kinihira. This farm really prides itself on balancing tradition and innovation and it shows: not only does it produce tea leaves that meet our high standards, it was the first farm in the country to cultivate organic tea. We’re always excited to see what they do next.

Ingredients: organic black tea


Brewing Instructions

1 tablespoon (3g)
8-10 oz
Brew Time: 5 minutes