Tulsi Orange Ginger Herbal Tea, Botanical Blend, Caffeine Free, Loose Tea, 2 oz ( 18 servings )

This spicy potion combines tulsi (an anti-inflammatory herb often used in Ayurveda that is high in antioxidants), ginger and cardamom (which the digestive system loves), and orange peel (which is full of vitamin C ) to create an all-day tea that not only tastes amazing but is actually super good for your body, too. Prep note: A little added honey = a little more amazing.

Enjoyment suggestions: drink this one straight or with a little honey.

Ingredients: organic tulsi herb, organic apple, organic orange peel, organic green rooibos, organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic marigold blossom, natural cinnamon and orange flavor. [center]

Brewing Instructions

1 tablespoon (4g)
8-10 oz
Brew Time: 5 minutes