Craft Mocktail Bundle, Gin Basil Gimlet, Watermelon Splash, Moscow Mule, Fruit Infusions, Caffeine Free (4 oz per bag )

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We developed these with a mixologist who also knows our ingredients well.

Gin Basil Gimlet 

Ingredients:  apple bits, hibiscus, pineapple bits (pineapple, sugar), basil , juniper berries, natural basil flavor, natural gin flavor , cornflower blossoms, safflowers 

Watermelon Splash 

Ingredients: apple bits, melon bits (melon, sugar ), aloe vera bits (aloe vera, sugar), beetroot bits, kiwi bits, rose buds, natural watermelon flavor, natural cucumber flavor, natural rose flavor

Moscow Mule 

Ingredients:  ginger, crystallized ginger (ginger, sugar), hibiscus, aloe vera bits (aloe vera, sugar ), lime peel, orange wedges, natural ginger flavor, natural lime flavor, natural apple wine flavor, peppermint.

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