Paromi Tea Black Tea & Green Tea Trial Pouch, 3 Organic Black Teas & 2 Organic Full Leaf Green Teas, Non-GMO, Gluten Free & Kosher

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Black Tea & Green Tea Sampler

Explore some of our teas and find your new favorite flavor with this invigorating 5 sachet sampler set. It includes a single serving of our most popular black teas, 3 black teas, and 2 lightly caffeinated green tea blends. 

Bourbon Vanilla Black Tea: An intensely smooth, buttery brew of organic bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar and a delicate note of caramel blended into full-bodied organic Assam black tea. 

Earl Grey Black Tea: A blend of naturally rich and bold black teas from India and Sri Lanka, and exactly the right amount of citrus-y bergamot for an invigorating pop. 

Palace Green Tea: A transformative green tea made with organic hand-picked leaves and nothing more. Naturally bright and refreshing without any hint of astringent-y aftertaste. 

Royal Breakfast Black Tea: A timeless organic black tea, hand-picked in Assam, India that is malty with hints of sweet molasses. It’s a full-bodied experience on its own, decadent with milk and sugar, and lively with lemon. 

Turmeric Ginger Green Tea: A passionate and energetic golden-orange blend of warming, restorative herbs like organic turmeric, ginger and galangal plus crisp, antioxidant-packed organic green tea. 

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