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Jasmine Green Tea, Full Leaf, Light Caffeine, Loose Tea, 2 oz (18 servings)

Size: 2 oz (up to 18 servings)

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The beauty of this elegant, but never over the top, blend: the organic green tea is practical (ours is hand-picked from the Longkou Organic Tea Farm in Guangxi, China); the aroma of freshly-picked jasmine flowers is playful and clean. And, as you’ll discover, the taste of this golden tea is as smooth and delicately sweet as can be.

Organic Jasmine Green Tea is a refined edition of a time-honored favorite. It’s organic green tea scented with fresh, organic jasmine flowers.

  • Package contains 2 oz of loose tea – Ideal for 18 servings (12 oz)
  • Light caffeine
  • Smooth, slightly sweet, delicate floral taste
  • Made with hand-picked, full-leaf green tea. Full-leaf tea has more flavor & health benefits than the fannings (small pieces of tea) & dust often found in leading brands
  • Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Gluten Free, Kosher

Organic Green Tea scented with Organic Jasmine Flower

Our organic jasmine green tea is lightly caffeinated with approximately 20mg of caffeine per sachet. As a comparison, an average 12oz cup of coffee has approx. 142mg of caffeine.

Lightly Caffeinated 

1 sachet icon1 tsp.   12 oz cup12oz cup  temperature icon 2120F  brewing time icon2-3 minutes