Paromi Tea Herbal & Green Tea Trial Pouch, 4 Organic Herbal Teas & 1 Organic Full Leaf Green Tea, Non GMO, Gluten Free & Kosher

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Botanicals & Green Tea Sampler 

Explore some of our teas and find your new favorite flavor with this gently aromatic 5 sachet sampler set. It includes a single serving of fourof our most popular caffeine free herbal blends plus one lightly caffeinated green tea.   

Chamomile Lavender: One of our original six blends, this unique floral-nutty-sweet combination of caffeine free Egyptian chamomile, French lavender and South African rooibos calms the mind and whisks away stress. 

Cinnamon Chai: Our own take on the original that uses full-flavor caffeine free organic rooibos instead of black tea, layered with warm herbs and spices.

Detox With Me: A gentle, caffeine free daily cleanse tea packed with eight purifying organic botanicals including alfalfa, nettle, and dandelion root, plus refreshing cucumber and melon. 

Jasmine: A delicate, lightly caffeinated organic green tea scented with organic jasmine flowers. 

Sleep With Me: A caffeine free flavor duvet of stress-reducing, sleep-inducing organic chamomile, silver lime flowers and lemon balm. 

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