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You love your tea, but do you love what it is packaged in? Here is a helpful breakdown of what qualifies a tea as full leaf and how to identify the best quality tea bags.

You can have Full Leaf Tea in tea bags: the difference between Loose Leaf Tea vs. Full Leaf & Whole Leaf Tea

A common misconception is that Full Leaf Teas (a.k.a Whole Leaf Tea) and Loose Leaf Teas are the same thing. Loose Leaf Tea is Full Leaf Tea that is not contained in a portioned tea bag or sachet. Instead, the drinker brews the tea as they choose in a diffuser or other brewing method. The good news is, you can enjoy Full Leaf Teas not just as a Loose Leaf Tea, but it’s available in sachets as well and you can enjoy all the benefits of the full leaf tea in the wrapped up convenience of a sachet.

What is the difference between Full Leaf & Whole Leaf Tea vs. Other Teas

Have you ever noticed how some teas look like flowers or leaves in the tea bag and others look like dust? Knowing this difference will help you identify a tea’s quality. Teas that look like the flowers and leaves are known as Full Leaf or Whole Leaf Teas. As you can imagine, brewing full leaf teas allows you to enjoy more of the plant’s flavors and natural benefits vs. tea dust/particles found in other tea bags.

What is the difference between Pyramid Sachets vs. Conventional Tea Bags

You’ve seen it before - a square paper tea bag with dust like flakes of tea inside. These are conventional tea bags. They are inexpensive, but lack quality. Pyramid shaped tea bags however allow full leaf teas the space to expand and create a bigger, better tasting brew.

Paromi Tea’s pyramid bags are made of plant-based materials. They do not contain nylon and no PET so you won’t have to worry about harmful substances leaking into your brew.