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About us

Paromi Tea is an oasis from the ordinary. We start with exquisite, carefully selected ingredients. Then, we meticulously combine them in small batches, testing until we reach the perfect balance. We protect the artfully blended finished product in an opaque glass jar so it retains its freshness and integrity on the journey to your cup. The result is uncommon - tea that looks, smells, and tastes unlike any you have tried. Savor the escape.

The journey

I grew up in the U.S. Virgin Islands drinking the local “bush tea” created from lush, hand-picked herbs and flowers native to the environment. I loved the smells and tastes of the fresh ingredients and was hooked.

While living in Arizona for college, I tried to find great tea but was never impressed with what was available in stores - paper tea bags filled with small tea particles, the remnants of real, full-leaf tea. They just didn’t have the flavor and "fresh as the day it was picked" aroma that I expected.

To get my fix, I found a teahouse where I could enjoy full-leaf teas. There I met and began to study with a Chinese tea master who introduced me to many varieties of tea. Some were extremely rare and had never before left China. The incomparable aromas and tastes of these extraordinary teas rekindled my youthful enthusiasm for my favorite drink; I was reminded that drinking great tea is a fantastic and complete sensory experience.

Inspired to share a great cup of tea, I started Paromi Tea and began sourcing teas from the world’s top estates.

Today, with the help of an herbalist and master tea blender, and the addition of my brother Gregg to the team, Paromi Tea makes exceptional, full-leaf teas conveniently available to everyone.

~ Paul Rosen, Founder, Paromi Tea

What's in a name?

Behind every name is a story. Choosing a name for our company was really not that difficult. It was much like the process of selecting a child’s or pet’s name. There may be many choices in mind, but once you actually experience the thrill of seeing them for the first time, it all comes together. You just know what fits.

It was the same thing for our tea.

How could we do justice to our process and the finished product we’re so proud to share?

Captured in our name are the qualities that set us apart.

P – Purity -- clean, carefully selected ingredients meticulously blended in small batches

AROM – Aroma -- luxurious, fragrant bouquets with character and body in harmonious balance

I – Inspiration – an exceptional, total sensory tea experience offering a playground for your senses