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How to Create a *Stress-Free* Mindful Morning Routine



Let’s face it, the way you start your day has a major impact on how the rest of your day will go. So why not make your mornings rock? Instead of hitting snooze on your alarm clock and later reprimanding yourself for not having time to eat breakfast, make a mindful routine a non-negotiable part of your day. When I started to implement a mindful morning routine into each day, it was totally game changing. Not only am I more productive, but I am able to have time to do little things that I not only enjoy but that are super beneficial for my overall wellness that I may not have otherwise incorporated.

I want to point out that your morning mindful routine doesn’t have to be anything grand. It can be simple acts or gestures that help you to have a healthier start to your day. One of my favorite mottos is “less is more,” so if that’s what works then you do you! Here are a few mindful ideas to encourage your day to start on the right side of the bed.

Organize yourself + Try to go to bed early the night before.

Taking a few extra minutes to get yourself organized, pack your lunch, and figure out what you want to wear the next day will make your morning a lot easier. With this stuff already taken care of, you can use the time to focus on your morning routine and just enjoy a few minutes of quiet all to yourself. Once you’re organized, go to bed early so that you don’t hit the snooze button and end up rushed.


Name 5 things out loud that you are grateful for.

Taking a moment of gratitude can put you in a positive state of mind and helps to set the tone for more abundance to come your way.  Make sure to include even the things we sometimes might take for granted, such as some very basic necessities!


Hydrate with a glass of warm lemon water.

It’s best to try and make this one of the first things you do after getting out of bed. Drinking water with fresh lemon supports your liver in flushing toxins and is super hydrating. I like to gulp mine down so I can sip on my favorite morning tea.


Ignore your devices.

All your emails, texts, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest will still be there after you've had time to really be with yourself. Enjoy this quiet “me” time!


Make a morning tonic.

This is my favorite part of my mindful morning routine! I love starting my day with a hot chai tea latte. I do go through phases where I like to switch up my morning bev though, not too long ago it was matcha. I usually also sip on ginger tea before breakfast or mid-morning. Coffee is a typical morning beverage, but I encourage you to try others if it causes you to feel anxious or doesn’t settle well with your hormones.


Interested in how I make my chai latte? Ill be sharing the recipe below!

Move your body.

Whether you’re doing a full-blown workout or just some light stretching, moving your body in the morning is important. Movement can stimulate your body which will help wake you up and give you more energy. I like to set out my workout clothes the night before so that it’s easier to get motivated!


Eat a nutritious breakfast.

Eating breakfast is a must! It may seem as if your body is just resting at night, but while you’re sleeping your body is quite busy re-building itself. Breakfast re-fuels your body for the day! Also, did you know that research shows a good breakfast helps people make nutritious choices throughout the rest of the day? Its good to eat a mix of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrate. Try to include veggies, fruits, and either animal or plant protein!


Prioritize Your Day

I am all about writing out to-do lists, but sometimes I overload my list. Instead, I find that it’s more effective to write out 1-3 important task that you need to get done that day. Do those things first before checking email or doing other smaller tasks. Also, it’s super important to make time in your schedule for the things that make you happy, give yourself self-care time! My favorite ways for self-care are to take a bath, do yoga, read, or watch Netflix. Mark it in your calendar if you must!


A mindful morning routine doesn’t have to look a certain way. Different routines work for different people, but it’s important to find what works for you and always do what makes you feel good!


Paromi Chai Tea Latte Recipe


1 Paromi Chai Tea Bag(or two if you’re looking to make it stronger)

½ cup boiling water

1 tsp maple syrup
½ tsp coconut oil
a pinch cinnamon
1 cup frothed milk


    Boil ½ cup water and pour over tea bag(s). Let tea steep for 6 minutes or more, then remove tea bags.

    Add maple syrup, coconut oil, cinnamon and milk.

    Use a hand frother or add to blender to mix! Option to sprinkle a little cinnamon on top!

    SIP & ENJOY!


    Guest post by Alexandra Wood 

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