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Two Easy Ways to Make Really Healthy Iced Tea at Home

If you want the perfect iced tea packed with maximum health benefits, stop buying the bottled version and make it at home!


Because: you like a smoother iced tea with little or no tannins.  

You’ll need: 1 tbsp tea or 1 sachet per 10oz of cold water.
Step 1: In a pitcher (we like this onedesigned for cold brews) place your tea and just enough hot (above 175 degrees) water to wash and wake up the leaves. Steep for 15 seconds.
Step 2: Add the rest of the water. 
Step 3: Place in the refrigerator overnight or for at least 12 hours. (The longer, the stronger!) If you’re tempted to brew it on the counter or in the sun, don’t: it’ll only get moldy.

Step 4: Strain loose tea with a fine-mesh sieve or remove tea bag(s). Enjoy.



50/50 BREW

Because: you’re looking for a stronger and bolder iced tea. 
It’s also good if you want a cup, stat.  

You’ll need: 1 tbsp tea or 1 sachet per 10oz of water.
Step 1: Decide how much water you need. Divide that number in half, and then heat it to the recommended temperature for the tea you’re using. Remove from heat. 
Step 2: Pour heated water over tea and let it steep for the recommended time. (Make sure to use a heat-safe cup or borosilicate glass pitcher.) 
Step 3: Add remaining 50% in the form of ice cubes or cold water. Enjoy.

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